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As the 21st Century takes shape, it is clear that the traditional economic centres of North America and Europe are becoming increasingly challenged by emerging economic powerhouses. One such emerging economy is that of Brazil.

BGR is an international data collection agency with an interviewing presence in both England and Brazil. We specialise in national and international Cati telephone interviewing, as well as qualitative research. Our call centre in São Paulo is the only one in Latin America using Askia, one of the most innovative market research software tools, widely used throughout Europe and North America. Thus, we can offer to our clients the most advanced technology for data collection and analysis, in a format consistent with other market places.

The company directors have experience of working within both Brazil and London, thus we are uniquely positioned to provide insight to our non-Brazilian clients into the emerging Latin American market and to offer a truly globalised perspective to Market Research.

It is the aim of BGR to be at the cutting edge of data collection technology. Utilizing VOIP, all calls are recorded as default.

Welcome to Brasil NOVO!

When you arrive at Brasilian international airports, you will see the banner: ´Welcome to Brasil, the country of the future´. But Brasilians are saying ´the future is now´.

Now one of the fastest growing economies in the world, despite the global slowdown, Brazil is rapidly following in  the shoes of India and China as becoming a global economic powerhouse. It´s manufacturing base is growing, and it has become one of the principal financial centres of Latin America.

But it´s not all work, with the Olympics and World Cup, combined with its carnivals and countryside, the whole world will be coming to Brasil in the next ten years.